As Minor League Baseball owners, PSC has an obsessive desire to take care of the guest. We know that if a fan has a bad food experience at your ballpark, they don't blame your foodservice provider, they blame your organization.

That’s why PSC puts such a significant emphasis on taking care of the guest by going above and beyond what each fan expects when they go to a game. Specifically, PSC utilizes two guest service initiatives to deliver more than just our word. First, our guest service program First Impression provides extensive training and operational evaluation to ensure each venue is providing the highest fan experience. ¬†Additionally, for partners interested in executing a robust guest sentiment program, PSC leverages Guest Share to provide ongoing data collection and reporting of food and menu quality, levels of service, and overall guest experience.  These programs have been developed from over two decades of understanding what your fans want when they come to a game, and how to best prepare every staff member to deliver it.

First Impression

First Impression is PSC’s guest service program designed to train and certify every employee before they ever interact with a fan. Each employee goes through comprehensive process of learning their job so that their focus is not only on the tasks of their position, but also on delivering ‘positively outrageous service’ in every individual interaction. PSC believes that empowering employees to accommodate any fan request is the best way to create ‘WOW’ moments that fans rely on when deciding whether to return. Each employee is specifically trained to make decisions based on the question, ‘Is this best for the guest?’

In addition to this uniform training program, PSC works in conjunction with each partner to develop venue specific quantitative and qualitative evaluations. This process is year-round ensuring each ballpark is operating at the highest level.


Guest Share

Levy and PSC’s in-house data analytics and consumer insights group, E15, developed this proprietary guest sentiment program to evaluate guest experience and sentiment.¬† As part of implementing Guest Share, E15 will utilize multi-channel data gathering methods and provide quarterly reports for the following performance expectations:

Food Quality: Including taste, freshness, appearance, and reputable brands.

  • Service Levels: Including friendly and knowledgeable concessions employees, reasonable wait times, and employee appearance.

Value: Including value of food for price paid and variety of offerings.

Overall Experience: Including likelihood to attend another event and Net Promoter Score.