Now powered by Levy, PSC provides its partners with the backing of a five-star restaurateur. Levy’s expertise helps deliver a world class experience to every person that walks into the stadium. With the use of our downtown Chicago test kitchen, we work with you to ensure your region’s favorite flavors are integrated into your ballpark. Whether it’s suite-level fine dining, or delicious ballpark favorites, each meal creates a memory that your fans will rely on when deciding on whether to come back to the stadium.

Everything we serve to your fans is fresh. No pre-cooked, pre-wrapped "mystery food". Just a great variety of fresh food presented in a tantalizing way.

Additionally, PSC has become a leader in proprietary branded concepts. These brands are designed to replace generic food so often seen in minor league ballparks. Each brand plays a specific role in the food service operation. They revitalize a concourse, deliver efficient and delicious food, enhance the guests' experience, and drive per caps which are critical to revenue growth. Take a second to look at our trademarked brands that can be in your ballpark.


Our Brands


Flashpoint Grille
is designed to produce high quality burgers, dogs, and chicken entrées along with great side dishes.

is a specialty hot dog stand that has loaded dogs on a gourmet bun that allows for toppings to have a local flavor.



serves half-pound specialty burgers on a gourmet pretzel bun.

is PSC’s ice cream stand that has soft serve yogurt, ice cream sundaes or splits covered with your favorite toppings.



is a southwest cantina that serves burritos, nachos grande, and taco salad topped with our homemade signature salsa.

Smokie’s Sausage Shack
serves an Italian sausage, foot long bratwurst, and Polish sausage off a flat top grill.



is PSC's brand that serves cheesesteaks which are made right before fans' eyes.

Good Hops
is where fans can go to get their favorite local craft beer.


is PSC’s new pizza brand serving fresh slices right out of the oven. Whether it is pepperoni, cheese, or our daily special, the secret is in our homemade crust.

Blue Olive
brings a medley of Mediterranean dishes including made-to-order gyros and Greek salads.