PSC leads food experience transformation in Lansing

June 30, 2013 – - In a world full of changing tastes, the Lugnuts and PSC continually challenge one another to satisfy a diverse collection of palettes. In 2012, PSC introduced Franx, boasting the finest in gourmet hot dogs; Sweet, the perfect dessert stop; and Good Hops, the first ever craft beer garden at the ballpark. Each brand was received with resoundingly well, and as a result, PSC and the Lugnuts partnered to transform other areas of the food experience.

This season PSC and the Lugnuts have brought two new food stands. “Our goal is always to provide fans with the very best food selections when they come to a ballgame” said Brett Telder, Senior Director of Food and Beverage. “While we’ll always keep the traditional ballpark staples, I think fans will truly enjoy the new specialty food options we have in store for them!”

First of which is PSC’s new pizza brand Pies. Pies is a custom oven-fired pizzeria stand designed to satisfy that craving for a large, tasty slice of pizza. It offers four slice options: cheese, pepperoni, supreme and a specialty slice of the day.

“We knew coming out of last season that there were a couple food areas where we wanted to get better,” said PSC’s CEO Tom Dickson. “Most important of those is we wanted to develop world-class pizza, not just pizza you buy at a ballgame. We certainly think that Pies has that feel.” In addition to a great product, Lansing has already exceeded pizza sales from last season. PSC attributes that to heightened branding, but more importantly a superior piece of pizza.

Blue Olive
Adjacent to Pies is PSC’s other new addition, Blue Olive. The stand offers a selection including gyros, but also highlights food options more in line with the health conscious wants and needs of today’s society such as pita bread and hummus, and made to order Greek salads. “Food is such a big part of the fan experience when attending a ballgame,” said Telder. “The toughest job for me here at the stadium is to provide every single fan their food choice.”

Needless to say both of these brands have transformed the first base side of the Cooley Law Stadium. As Telder points out, “Not only have these brands been able to upgrade our food offerings, they have really revitalized a food area that was often overlooked. We are seeing more traffic on the first base side, which improves our operation, and is generating larger revenue.”

The results speak for themselves. So far through the first half of the season, revenue from these points of sale is up over 100%. Both stands are getting traffic regularly, and look to be a real hit with fans.

PSC is proud of the results that these stands have brought in Lansing. Through the innovation of the staff, it looks like PSC has added two new brands that can really help any concessions operation.